Sand and Gravel Services

North County Sand and Gravel, Inc. offer a wide array of products and services. We specialize in manufacturing aggregate materials for residential and commercial use, throughout . It doesn’t matter whether you need 1 ton or 100 tons of product; we have the ability to handle any size job.

We make custom sand and gravel blends that can be used for:

  • Horse Arenas
  • Volleyball Courts
  • Playground Sandboxes
  • Construction Projects
  • Driveways
  • Parking lots
  • Walking paths
  • Horse Stables and more.

We own all our own heavy equipment and a fleet of delivery trucks. Our commercial drivers use large dump trucks to haul your materials to you.

We are committed to high quality service, so we use all the latest products and technology. This ensures that we distribute the best construction aggregate or landscaping material in the industry. We have GPS tracking systems on all of our trucks, and state of the art quality control facilities. We process all materials on site.

Sand and Gravel Services

Here’s a brief overview of our crushing process:

Sand and gravel are mined from pits of quartz-rich sand and sandstone. Our methods usually depend on the degree of hardness of the rock. Prior to processing the rock, we use explosives to blast the rock if necessary. The material may need to be crushed several times, depending on cementation. Impact mills, Gyratory crushers, jaw crushers, roll crushers and mills are all used for crushing.

After the rock is mined, it is transported to our processing plant. During the crushing process, the material is ground further using different types of mills such as: smooth rolls, media mills, hammer mills or jet mills for an initial screening. After the rock is processed during the initial phase, some of the sand may be saved and used as construction sand.

Aggregate Materials

Our products have a variety of applications and are used in many types of residential and commercial products. We produce 4 main blends:

  • Plaster Sand
  • Horse Arena Sand
  • California Gold Decomposed Granite
  • Aggregate Base

We are 1 of only 3 companies who distribute California Gold Decomposed Granite in Southern California. For more information on our products, see our products page.

Sand and Gravel Materials
North County Sand and Gravel, Inc.

Custom Sand and Gravel Products

Contact us when you are ready to receive your shipment and we will schedule your delivery. Our dispatcher will give your order to one of our drivers to deliver. The driver will weigh the truck before loading the product. They will usually use a front end loader to load the gravel or rock and check the weight, to make sure it meets the Federal Highway Administration’s regulations. The Federal Highway Administration requires that a truck’s gross weight can’t exceed 80,000 lbs.

On smaller residential jobs, like gravel driveways or alleyways, we may also distribute the material after delivery. We’ll use one of our large dump trucks to distribute the gravel evenly as it is laid on the driveway. Then we use spreaders to even up areas with too much or too little gravel. If this is the first time gravel is being applied, we recommend that you cover the driveway with at least 3 to 4 inches of material.

Custom Sand and Gravel Blends

Need Sand or Gravel?